Security Awareness

Module 1 - An introduction to phishing scams (P101-1)

In this first module, you will be introduced to one of today’s most prevalent cybersecurity threats – phishing scams.

At the end of this module, you will have a basic understanding of phishing scams and be well on the way to learning how to avoid becoming a victim of this growing form of cybercrime.
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  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • 1) Which of the following is unlikely to ever be a phishing scam?
  • 2) In a phishing scam, what is the scammer’s first goal?
  • 3) In a phishing scam, what are some of the things that scammers do?
  • 4) If you get caught by a scam, what are some of the outcomes you can expect?
  • 5) Why are phishing scams an increasingly frequent form of cybercrime?
  • 6) What is your only reliable defence against phishing scams?
  • 7) How can you reliably identify a phishing scam?
  • 8) Module 1 - The Test
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever